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Katina Smith

Position: Client Advocate | Legal Intern

Experience: 1 Year

Location: 543 Prospect Ave, Hartford, CT 06105


Phone: (860) 236-1111

Katina Smith, a recent graduate of Fordham University, brings her diverse set of skills to assist Beckett Law in the day to day tasks that are presented to her.

She’s typically the initial contact that existing clients and prospective clients make when working with our law firm. When communicating with Katina, clients are able to schedule appointments, have their questions & concerns answered, and feel as if they aren’t being treated just like every other client.

When she’s not helping with administrative tasks, Katina conducts legal research and assists with memo writing which further strengthens her skills within the firm.

What do you enjoy most about your position with Beckett Law?

“I enjoy public speaking and hope my career entails presenting people’s best cases in court, and fighting for those unable to best advocate for themselves.”

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