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Connecticut Bankruptcy will help you navigate the course that best fits your situation, allowing you to free yourself of financial stress and get back to enjoying life.

Let us help you lift the financial burdens that are holding you back from experiencing peace and happiness again.

You don’t have to face this alone. In fact, trying to handle any financial difficulties yourself can make matters even worse. By seeking the professional bankruptcy services of Beckett Law LLC, you can take charge of your situation.

You don’t have to dread answering the phone or avoid going through your mail, worried about possible calls and letters from creditors. Ignoring your bills won’t make them go away and usually leads to bigger problems.

The most important first step you can take on the road to a new financial future is to contact us for a free bankruptcy consultation. We’ll help you learn what your options are. It takes courage to admit that the problem has gotten out of hand. It’s also the smartest thing you can do if you feel that your debts are multiplying.

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Helping Hartford CT Residents Understand the Bankruptcy Process

The idea of bankruptcy is terrifying. You have no idea of whether you are eligible to file, how the process works, and what the outcome will be. You may be telling yourself “I’ll never have anything again if I file bankruptcy” or “I make too much money and they won’t allow me to file.”

Many Connecticut citizens are surprised to find out that this is not the case. Attorney Suzann Beckett will help you understand how the process works, what to expect and guide you along the way.

You can get through your current financial issues. You don’t have to fret about harassing collections calls at work, avoiding social situations or spending another sleepless night worrying. By calling our small, locally-owned law firm, you can do more than just sorting out your debt: you can achieve financial recovery as well. 

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
The most common form of bankruptcy for Connecticut residents is Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This allows you to eliminate all of your unsecured debt (which may include medical bills, credit card debt, payday loans, repossession balances, etc.) while avoiding losing your belongings and without any payment to creditors.

Many Connecticut residents need a fresh financial start, but may think bankruptcy is not an option for them. Even if you own a home, a car, and have a job, this is simply not the case. Connecticut bankruptcy attorney Suzann Beckett has helped residents of East Hartford, West Hartford and greater Connecticut secure financial freedom with little to no loss of possessions. Each case is unique and results cannot be guaranteed, but you owe it to yourself to talk to an experienced bankruptcy attorney.
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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
Chapter 13 bankruptcy enables those with a regular and consistent income to develop a plan that allows them to pay off part of their debt.

To determine if Chapter 13 is right for you, we look at factors like income, assets, taxes, student loans, and more. It is common for people with a steady income to think they are not eligible to file bankruptcy.

Many Connecticut residents with a good income but excessive debt are able to secure financial freedom through Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

This process helps you to get out of debt, typically for an amount substantially less than if you paid your creditors directly. If you feel you can’t make progress against your debt or you are behind on your mortgage and are threatened with foreclosure, contact our Connecticut bankruptcy lawyers today.
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Stop Harassing Bill Collectors
Debt collectors may attempt to exploit you and make you feel as though you must pay them. That is rarely, if ever, the case. Federal law protects consumers from being harassed, abused, or deceived by debt collectors. As an experienced Connecticut bankruptcy attorney, Suzann Beckett we will enforce your rights and handle your debt collectors for you. If a debt collector is alleging that you have an outstanding debt, it is important to know that you have rights. At Connecticut Bankruptcy, an experienced Connecticut bankruptcy attorney will explain the laws that protect you against illegal debt collection. Contact our attorneys today to schedule a 45 minute consultation .
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If you’re behind on your mortgage payments and are worried about keeping your home or stopping a foreclosure, filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy may offer you the protection you need.

The most efficient and cost-effective way to stop a foreclosure is to take advantage of chapter 13 bankruptcy. If you have defaulted on your mortgage, received notification of foreclosure, or are concerned over whether you will keep your property in a bankruptcy, you're not alone.

At Connecticut Bankruptcy, a qualified bankruptcy lawyer can inform you of options to keep your home and avoid foreclosure.
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Divorce Protection
Nobody thinks the day will come when they will divorce their forever soulmate.

If you are in that position currently, you certainly didn’t work hard and accumulate your assets to then lose them all to your soon-to-be ex-spouse in a divorce.

At Connecticut Bankruptcy, we teach you how to protect your financial assets from divorce and other life events by using effective estate planning techniques. Not only do we show you this, we do it all for you to ensure there are no missed steps and no holes in your divorce protection strategy.
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Mortgage Loan Modifications
Are you struggling with making your mortgage payments, and fear that you may inevitably be facing foreclosure?

Rest assured there is still options to get back on track and get a fresh start! With mortgage loan modifications , you can make adjustments with your current mortgage loan holder that would offer much more affordable terms and give you the chance to take back control of your life.

Though this is a much better alternative to refinancing, it can still be tricky to get approved. Consult with one of our attorneys to see if this would be right for you.
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