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Rebecca M. Vicente

Position: Estate Planning Attorney

Experience: 29 Years

Location: 543 Prospect Ave, Hartford, CT 06105


Phone: (860) 236-1111

Rebecca M. Vicente is an estate planning attorney in Hartford, Connecticut at Beckett Law LLC.

She is motivated by her passion for assessing her clients’ problems, and providing a solution that gives them a peace of mind.  In the event you become incapacitated, disabled, or deceased, Rebecca will have put together an estate plan that ensures the right people and directions are in place to manage your assets.

Her main focus is to streamline the process for whomever is next to manage your finances & medical decisions. It is very common for tensions and arguments to arise within the family, so Rebecca does her best to alleviate any misunderstandings/ disagreements and make sure there are no uncovered tracks.

When she’s not handling your estate plans, her time is spent helping others navigate their complicated issues involving obtaining long-term care, getting financial help, and assisting family members with affairs of a loved one who has died. She provides assistance to help her clients settle issues in the probate court and also for private trust adminstration.

She attended Providence College for her undergrad, where she graduated magna cum laude in 1991.

She then went on to graduate with honors from University of Connecticut School of Law in 1994.

The most important value that lies within Rebecca is being useful, leaving an impact, and making a life-long difference into the lives of families.

What kind of day puts the brightest smile on your face?

“My favorite days are when a client tells me that they can sleep easier at night because of something I have done for them.  I also like when I can work with my co-workers to help them learn and grow in their positions.”

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